Goals for May 2018

Due to a whole pile of factors I have gotten away from one of my primary goals for 2018, to write more. Starting today, the 1st of May, I’m aiming to change that. I’m setting a goal for myself to write a post like this at the beginning of every month: what I plan to accomplish for the month.

I want to do this to keep myself accountable, because I like checking things off a list, and because this might inspire someone else to get off their butt and get things accomplished too.

While I don’t consider myself a particularly good writer, I do enjoy the process. I find that taking the time to get my thoughts down like this helps me work through so much. I need to be better about doing this on a regular basis.

Here are my goals for May 2018.

Goals for May

1. Write two times each week. As Christa always tells me, “it doesn’t need to be a novel every time”. I just have to start… and then finish two posts every week. I have an easy 10-14 mostly completed drafts, I guess I just need to finish a few of those. I will start this for the month of May.

Why? For starters, I just want to. Then there is wanting to share so much of the information I’m absorbing on a daily basis. I want to make my blog more of a thing again. For a period of time I wrote every single day, I miss that. I also want to grow my blog again, I want to reach more people.

2. Do one fun thing with Christa that doesn’t involve some sort of work. We both have had virtually no time for each other since I was in the hospital at the beginning of the year. That needs to change this month.

Why? I want to spend more time with my wife aside from being asleep at night!

3. Lose 5 lbs. I’m in the process of working out a surgery date for a tumor in my chest. After meeting with the surgeon today I’ve been asked to lose about 10lbs so my body is back closer to a weight I had lived at for the past 10 years.

Why? For the obvious reason above and because the extra weight just feels gross. Ick. I gained a bunch of pounds post-hospitalization and they need to come off to help the surgery. Gotta get started!

4. Tell more people they are awesome.

Why? A whole bunch of people I hadn’t talked to in forever have reached out over the past few months to voice their support for me handling my PEs. It’s been incredibly helpful and meant so much to me. I need to reach out to more people I haven’t talked to in a while.

5. Read a book. This one will probably be the hardest for me.

Why? I read too many articles and report. I miss long form reading and I need to force myself to schedule the time to do this.

So there we have my goals for the month of May. I feel like these are all attainable.

How about you? What will your goals for the month be?

Today is a good day 🙂


2 Comments on “Goals for May 2018

  1. Nick,

    Thanks for sharing your insight as an athlete, coach and human being. Definitely thinking about you and your family as you traverse your health issues and continue to commit to self-improvement!

    Being inspired, I will take on a similar first goal to write more. I have a blog that needs some work, so I will commit to fixing the errors and posting twice a month (not a week). My first two posts will be pre and post 70.3 reports for the coming Gulf Coast 70.3.

    I also plan to lose 5 lbs but that is just type-A tri person stuff… you know… ick.

    My most obvious athletic goal is to qualify for some arbitrary world championship race this fall… heh. Not obsessed with that at all..lol. It’s mostly about taking the family on a Hawaiian vacation right?

    As to family, I want to improve my time management so I can be present when I am with them and not planning or thinking about something else. Hiring a coach has helped immensely but I will start using Trello (or similar app) for personal task management. Start with a bike maintenance project, maybe a race prep project etc. Will blog about that as well.


    • Jamie,

      Thank you for the kind words. While my primary goal of writing has been to work through the things I need to get off my chest (Get it? PEs off my chest? Anyway…) it’s always been a close secondary goal to help others through their own personal situations whether those be good or not so happy.

      I’m glad to hear you’ll write more 🙂 And losing 5 pounds doesn’t typically hurt… especially for IM!

      Also, Hawaiian vacations are nice, I agree!

      I like the time management goal. I struggle with that often myself. The more we put this stuff out there the more we can be held accountable though. Keep putting it out there!