Hi, I’m Nick!

Welcome to Nick Brodnicki’s (me!) life-long adventure through endurance sports, coaching, and medical calamities. I strive for my blog and this site to be a source of information and inspiration for those looking to get more out of themselves in this life. Just because you have a crazy medical condition or don’t know how to start training for your first triathlon (or maybe neither of those things) doesn’t mean you can’t be great and strive for excellence.

My aim is to get people to do what they love.

What started off as a way for me to write my way through triathlon training and Meniere’s Disease eventually progressed into a number of years as a professional triathlete, now full-time endurance sports coach, and most recently an unprovoked  bilateral Pulmonary Embolism survivor. In between all of this I got married, moved to Virginia then California, and have worked a few different jobs along the way.

In my earlier days suffering through Meniere’s attacks I made a promise to myself that I would strive to do great things, I’d go about that by doing what I loved. I haven’t looked back.

Some facts about this Nick Brodnicki fellow:

Name: Nick Brodnicki, duh!

Status: 32 years old and happily married (I name drop my amazing wife, Christa, in a lot of my posts)

Education: Degrees in Adolescent Education and US History, then a Masters of Library Science (cuz… nerd alert!)

Food: I LOVE popcorn and pizza and cereal (carbs, get in my belly!!)

Most injuries from: Playing collegiate rugby (I needed to play a contact sport at some point)

Health: I live with Meniere’s disease, a severe Gluten intolerance, and I’ve had unprovoked bilateral pulmonary embolisms, pleural effusion, lung infarctions, collapsed lungs, and lung cysts (I’d like the list to stop here…)

Most loved former sport: High school and club swimmer (I should have swam in college, oh well)

Fail terribly at: Doing most things in moderation (especially sports)

Where did it start, where is it going?

I have been enjoying my endurance sports and triathlon-life for about a decade now.  I came to this life from a wild and crazy path of sports confusion. As I kid I played it all, as an adolescent I swam and enjoyed some adrenaline junkiness, as a young adult I hit people in rugby, and then as a slightly more mature young adult I finally found my calling; endurance sports. I had never been the best at any one sport nor did I spend my college years winning NCAA titles and setting records of any kind. When I came across this lifestyle though, I couldn’t have been more sold on anything.

My love for competition in endurance sports has often been a struggle though. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in my early 20s and in my early 30s I experienced blood clots in both lungs. Both medical issues have left me unable to exercise for extended periods of time. Fortunately I still live to fight another day 🙂.

These days I’m not racing as much as I used to because I’m spending most of my time running Intelligent Endurance. I’m originally from the snowy North Eastern US but live and train out of (mostly) sunny Northern California with my wife and three insane cats. I enjoy the opportunity I have right now to coach, race (when healthy enough), eat lots of food, and see the world through endurance sports.

Have a look around and, please, feel free to say hi!