Done, done and done! My first winter base training block(s) as a professional have been officially completed. Never mind that winter still has 2 week left, that’s besides the point (and it’s still snowing in Buffalo…). For the first time in my life I have been able to focus the majority of my energy, Read More

Base season this year was supposed to be a little extra long for me. Little extra long, yes. I was planning to start and finish 4 blocks of base instead of the usual 3 that you see prescribed in most folks training plans. The theory and thoughts were I would spend the first block, Read More

As my winter base comes to a close (it’s still winter…) I thought I might jot down some thoughts.  I’ve learned more than I could have ever imaged the past few months and I think its A. a good idea to write something down to remember it and B. maybe anything I say could, Read More

I am officially into my base training… by… like 3 days.  Monday was my start.  For the previous 4 weeks I enjoyed an intro block into base training.  Really slow progression of distance and time and getting my body accustom to a schedule.  I had to get my rhythm back, assess how much fitness, Read More

Each beginning to a season is a whole new opportunity to do things over again.  You take the fitness you were able to hang onto from the previous season and you can build upon all the mistakes you made now!  Changes, tweaks, new workouts, different plans, all sorts of ways to start over again, Read More

Change scared the livin’ shit out of me when I was younger.  I’m pretty sure the stories from my mom of me freaking out each year before the new school year have broken me down over time.  Ok, those stories and wanting to live in a slightly more-sane way.  These days, regardless of what, Read More

It’s about to happen, I am going to disappear from the scene, all the BS, any drama, and all the junk that comes with winter base miles and a tight-knit community.  This might sound a little odd (obviously I’ll explain) but I’m extremely excited to crawl into a hermit lifestyle of base training, work,, Read More

Around these parts (Buffalo, NY) Fall is absolutely back.  It is chilly, rainy, and its the best time to be out running! Yes, yes it is.  No one likes running and riding in this stuff.  Well, no one but a few people… like me. Out for run today with the rain and 39 degree, Read More

I’m back at it this week. I finished up my recovery week and now I’m diving into base 2! I’m excited for this, it means I’m a block of training fitter, I’m getting into bigger workouts, and I’m closer to race season!! Part of recovery week was some testing, as I’ve talked a little, Read More