My entire 2015 racing campaign was going to be an experiment in going short and going often. I put a lot of sprint and Olympic distance races on my calendar in hopes to continually build my speed and learn to suffer better. Racing in Des Moines, Iowa was a real test to see how, Read More

Take #2 (for race reports this season). ACTION! Challenge Knoxville was my first ever professional triathlon three years ago. This past weekend it became my 10th pro start (and eventually my 8th pro finish). Now I can finally say after 10 starts I’m finally getting the hang of ‘elite’ racing. Lead up: Heading into, Read More

Tis the season for race recaps. This year I start with St. Anthony’s Olympic! Pre-Race: Christa and I started the race travel a little early this year heading down to sunny Florida. We broke the ride up with some stops and an over-night stay in Jacksonville, FL. We enjoyed the city a lot with, Read More

I guess I couldn’t be writing this race report any later (a whole 2 months later) but sometimes that’s just the way things go. The upside of this race report is that I’ve had PLENTY of time to digest, dissect and apply what happened in this race to the rest of my training over, Read More

Oh golly I’m writing this a bit late… by a few weeks. That’s ok, I’ve been staying busy with exciting fall developments in my racing and training through this year and into next year. For now though, here is a run down of a really nice competitive, local Central Virginia Half Iron distance race., Read More

Oh brother. I’ve learned a lot this year from racing triathlons in a professional field. This race in Maine was no exception. I haven’t found a great rhythm yet this year for a lot surrounding my racing, whether it be my warm up or nutrition or run pacing… I’ve got a lot of pokers, Read More

I’m a changed man posting my race report three days after a race. Not sure what has gotten into me other than soreness! Anywho, it was a weekend in the correct direction for me finally. I’ve got some major issues I’m still working on (swimming in a pro field…running in a pro field…and nutrition), Read More

It is simply incredible how a portion of your life can just fly by. The days, weeks, and hours are all the same standard sets of time but one day you finally sit down to write a blog post and you shake your head wondering where all the time has gone. Well I’ll tell, Read More

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”… That lovely quote from ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ aptly describes my weekend in Knoxville, TN for Rev3 Knoxville. This report will be brief. I tend to talk about the course and surroundings more but it’s taken me too long (like 2, Read More

Last race of the year.  This was good good good and sad sad sad.  Rev3 Anderson was going to be my last race of the 2012 season and my last official triathlon as an Age Group athlete/amateur.  That feeling was kind of sad because so much about racing will change for me next year,, Read More