The clif notes version of this entire thing is that this race was the worst race I’ve ever had to date.  When I refer to ‘worst’ I’m not referencing time or goals (even though I wasn’t even in the ballpark for either), I’m referencing exertion level, fun factor, and general feeling from the day. , Read More

I am still digesting this race.  I’m going to post a full run-down of the race with pictures this weekend after I’m able to go through some data with coach.  For now I guess I just need to type some things out and just write. I’ll start positive.  This was nuts.  Seriously.  Nuts.  When, Read More

The usual warnings apply here: this is long, it may contain graphic language, and I try to comment on anything and everything I can remember so skip through to pictures if that’s easier. Pre-race: Although A tri in the Buff is a ‘local’ race for me in my three short years (this being the, Read More

For starters, today was beautiful.  It was near perfect out so this race felt and went a little better than it might have if it was 100 degrees or pouring.  The weather certainly helped my point of view on the whole thing.  I was in plenty of discomfort but it was just so nice, Read More

Tomorrow will bring a full race report but for now I want to hit on some thoughts I have of this race just a day removed.  I’m just to exhausted to write more than that and I’m still digesting a lot of what happened. Days leading up to the race: I don’t know if, Read More

So the official time stands as 18:36, with 5:59 mile pace.  I’m happy with this time and my effort.  What I am not happy with are my horrible split times and my lack of ability to sustain an even pace. I know I went out a bit too fast, but it is the time, Read More

OMG.  I have issues.  I have run one solid day in he past two weeks and only once this week.  I’ve barely done anything since NYC and spent the night and morning in the ER two days ago.  After all of this I PR’d with an 18:50 at the race.  I just don’t get, Read More